Northside Veterinary Clinic


Pet Supplies

For our customer's convenience, we carry a variety of pet products. All products can be picked up inside or, for your added convenience, via our drive-thru window.

Hill's Prescription Diets®
Purina Prescription Diets®
Royal Canin Prescription Diets®

Science Diet Treats®

Assorted vitamins and suppliments
Frontline® - Applied by Northside; not available for individual purchase
Comfortis® - Single Application or 6 month Supply
Triexis® - Single Application or 6 month Supply
Cheristin® for Cats
Scalibor® - flea & tick collars
Preventic® Collars
Iverheart® Plus
BRAVECTO® Chews, Single 3 month flea & tick application
NexGard® Chewables, Single or 3 month flea & tick application
Tuff Lock® collars, leashes, and harnesses (lifetime guarantee)
Pet Odor Exterminator Candles®
Greenies Pill Pockets®

Flavor-doh Pilling Dough®
PetSilk Shampoo, Conditioner, and Cologne®
Variety of regular and medicated shampoos

Grooming supplies, brushes, etc.

Oral hygiene products